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Mother & Daughter Colour Consultation

This 3-hour session is a great way to spend some dedicated mother and daughter time together, having fun while also learning about your colour basics, an essential to looking your best.

During your joint consultation we will analyse the depth, clarity and tone of colours that work best for you.

What you will learn:

  • What your ‘dominant, secondary, and tertiary’ colouring is and how this affects what colours suit you best

  • How to use certain shades to compliment your skin tone and make you look younger, and which shades to avoid

  • How to best wear the colours you already have, as well as getting more outfit combinations out of your wardrobe without buying more clothes

  • How to add colour into your outfits

  • Where to find your colours this season

By the end of the session you will look and feel great, and both of you will leave with your own bespoke 42 colour wardrobe wallets, makeup tips and lots of ideas about how to add colour into your life, plus you will have enjoyed a fun and relaxed experience together.


per session