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Complete Wardrobe Detox

An in depth personal guided wardrobe cleansing and reorganisation session with a short colour analysis to identify the colours that suit you best.

A complete wardrobe detox is the perfect way to declutter and re organise so that you can build the wardrobe that you have always wanted.


  • Pre-session questionnaire

  • A short colour analysis to identify which colours suit you

  • Work through your wardrobe, sorting which clothes are well fitted and flattering, and those that are not

  • Take into account your lifestyle and preferences to create outfits that suit you

  • Show you new outfit ideas with the clothes you already have

  • Recommend which clothes you need to complete your wardrobe

  • Advice on which styles and colours suit you as we go along

  • Reorganise wardrobe so you can find outfits more easily  

  • Photographs of all outfits put together that you can use for future reference

From £120

per session