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Workshops and parties

Parties are a great choice if you are looking for a fun experience for a birthday, baby shower, hen-do, or just a fun get-together with your friends! They can be focused on style, colour, or makeup so the party is tailored to your group. The atmosphere of these parties is fun, social, and interactive, so everyone can get involved.


Colour party

Price: From £70 per person (depending on size of group).

Includes: A 30 colour fabric swatch wallet for each person.

Learn about your dominant colouring and what that means to the clothes and make-up you wear.  You will learn how to apply make-up and have the opportunity to try the exclusive colour me beautiful products range.


Style party

Price: From £70 per person (depending on size of group).

Includes: A personalised 20 page style workbook for each person.

At a Style Party everyone will learn how to select the most flattering styles and fabrics for their body shape. You will also find out what your unique style personality is and how you can express this through your wardrobe. Bring along some of your own clothes to understand what’s right (or wrong) about them. You never know, you could end up swapping your clothes with some of your friends!


Makeup party

Price: From £15 per person (depending on size of group)

Includes: A personalised beauty worksheet for each person.

Discover your most flattering makeup shades. Cosmetic application techniques will be shown with a unique makeover by the end of the evening. Find out how you can take your day look to evening and leave knowing that everything you’ve learnt is written on your personalised beauty worksheet.


Style update party

Price: From £20 per person (depending on size of group).

Includes: A seasonal update leaflet for each person.

Style Update takes the indecision and frustration out of looking up-to-date by helping you to discover which of this season's fashions are most suited to your shape and colouring. Advice on 'must haves', makeup, and where to shop for the season is included. Simple ideas for updating your wardrobe and accessorising will help keep your look current, regardless of your budget. Everyone will receive a style update booklet with all the information discussed, so you can take new fashions in your stride.